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Accessories: 20's gangsters & flappers Accessories: 60's, 70's & 80's Accessories: Caveman/Woman
Accessories: 20's gangsters & flappers

Roarin' 20's accessories: Gangster ties, braces, spats, flapper pearls, feather boas, gangster glasses, cigarette holder...

Accessories: 60's, 70's & 80's

60's, 70's and 80's acceossories: Dollar medallion, neon beads, punk jewellery, hairy chest wig, hippy kits, white boot covers...

Accessories: Caveman/Woman

Caveman club, stone age cavewoman earings and choker...

Accessories: Clown Accessories: cowboy & Indian Accessories: Crazy teeth
Accessories: Clown

Clown shoes, bow tie, wigs, squirting flower, honking red nose, clown rubber head...

Accessories: cowboy & Indian

Cowboy and Indian accessories to complete you outfit. Cowboy spurs, neckties, Indian headdress, weapons, guns and holsters...

Accessories: Crazy teeth

Ideal accessory to many costumes. Great accessory for hen and stag nights!

Accessories: Feather Boas Accessories: Glasses Accessories: Gloves
Accessories: Feather Boas

Feather boas. Burlesque, can-can, hen-night, 20's flapper

Accessories: Glasses

Assortment of glasses to complete your look.Michael Jackson,  Elvis, Ozzy, Hippy, Gangster, Rapper, 50s, 60s and 70s...

Accessories: Gloves

Silver Sequin Glove, Long gloves, Fishnet neon gloves, 80's Lace Fingerless gloves, White Dance gloves, Flourescent gloves...

Accessories: Hosiery Accessories: Moustaches and beards Accessories: Nurse
Accessories: Hosiery

Kids and adult tights, Hoisery, Fishnet, striped, stockings, Dance Tights, Neon Footless Tights.

Accessories: Moustaches and beards

Selection of beards, mousaches and sideburns


Accessories: Nurse

Doctor Stethoscope, plasters, garter and syringe

Accessories: Pirate Accessories: Wings, wands and tiaras. Accessories: Other Costume Accessories
Accessories: Pirate

Pirate bandana, cutlass, earing and eyepatch, waistcoat, pistol....

Accessories: Wings, wands and tiaras.

Angel and fairy wings, black, white and green, sequin fairy wands, tiaras

Accessories: Other Costume Accessories

Including  pom-pom shakers, big baby bottle, giant dummy, cleopatra kit.

Accessories:contact lenses Accessories: Wizard of Oz
Accessories:contact lenses

Selection of one day wear contact lenses.

Accessories: Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz accessories: Red sequin Dorothy shoes, Toto in basket, Ruby slippers.

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